Our cabins are big, bright and airy — and all have been totally renovated and updated as of 2008. There is plenty of storage space for all our campers’ clothing and camp equipment.

One thing worth noting is that there is no electricity in the cabins. Believe-it-or-not, this is not as big a deal as one would initially think. Given that the sun rises at 5:00 on Kamaji’s summertime mornings and sets close to 10:30 at night, there is little need for lights in the cabins.

And when we were making plans to renovate Kamaji’s cabins and debating about whether or not we should add lighting, our campers specifically requested that we not add electricity. Instead, cabinmates enjoy gathering together at night — with their flashlights and battery-operated lanterns nearby — to play cards, tell stories, challenge one another to a board game, pour through magazines and have their counselors read stories aloud to them. It’s like — camping out at summer camp!

Groups of eight or nine campers of the same age are housed together in cabin groups. Each of Kamaji’s 17 cabin groups has three counselors. A camper’s cabin becomes her “home-away-from-home” and her cabinmates and counselors, her camp “family” and very likely her closest camp friends.