Kamaji sits on the beautiful Wolf Lake. Swimming is a required activity for every camper until she has reached a specific proficiency. Every Kamaji camper and staff person is required to take a swim check upon arriving at camp to make sure we are all safe in the water. Each person must be able to swim 200 yards while swimming nonstop for eight minutes and demonstrate at least two different swim strokes. Then she must tread water for three minutes and float on her back for one.

If a camper does not pass the initial swim check, no problem! One of Kamaji’s American Red Cross certified lifeguards and swim instructors will be there to teach you and practice with you.

There is an additional swim class required of all campers interested in participating in Windsurfing, Waterskiing and Paddleboarding. We require this American Red Cross Swimming Level VI class of all campers interested in these activities because even though campers are required to wear a lifejacket while participating, we want to make sure they are extra safe out in the open water of the lake!

In addition to these two swim courses, there are a variety of swim electives offered each week of camp. Campers can sign up for electives such as water ballet, water aerobics, lap swim or snorkeling.